Welcome to Shadow Mountain Ranch.  This planned community consists of 847 single family homes, located in the Southwest area of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The community is located approximately 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, near the 215 W. and in the shadow of the Spring Mountains mountain range.

Shadow Mountain Ranch has a unique landscaping palette, with planting and irrigation climatically and culturally appropriate to Southern Nevada. You will find neutral decorative rock and drought resistant plants and trees, such as Ocotillos, Gopher Spurge, Scrub Oak, Indian Blanket Flower and various other plants.

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April 2020 Newsletter

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New Pet Waste Stations Installed

The Association has installed 10 new doggie stations in landscaped areas throughout the community. With the addition of these new doggie stations, we hope that this will make it easier for residents to dispose of their pet waste. Be sure when walking your pet that all waste is disposed of in the proper receptacles. Not disposing of waste or disposing of waste anywhere other than the designated receptacles is disrespectful to those who live nearby or use the same walking paths and could result in a violation/fine. The Association appreciates everyone’s compliance with this requirement, especially since residents don’t have to walk as far to reach a pet waste station. Thank you!


Perimeter Walls

After painting all exterior walls almost two years ago, the Association recently completed a project to do touch-ups as needed throughout the community. Areas of staining and water leaching were cleaned and a fresh coat of paint was applied. While the community’s governing documents are clear in regards to maintenance obligations – the Association is responsible for the maintenance of the exterior of the perimeter wall and the adjacent homeowner is responsible for the structure of the wall– when you take cause for damage into account, things become a little more complicated. Much of the staining and water leaching may be caused by factors under the control of the homeowner on their side of the wall, to include irrigation hitting the wall, leaking pool components, lack of below-grade water proofing, etc. But in some instances the staining could be from a condition related to the original construction of the wall, such as the amount of lime present in the block. Or in some instances the staining may be from irrigation on the Association’s side of the wall.

If you live in a home that has a wall abutting one of the main thoroughfare streets within the community, you’ve probably received letters from the HOA as it has worked through how it will address this issue, which negatively impacts the aesthetic of the community. We thank you for your communication with us and cooperation in fixing issues, as needed.

After review of the issue with experts in the construction field and careful consideration of all factors involved, the Association has determined that at this time, it will consider this type of maintenance to be at the expense of the Association, unless at the Boards discretion, the cause of staining is readily apparent. In which case, the costs related to maintenance of the exterior of the wall will be assessed back to the responsible party.

The Board reserves the right to evaluate any additional information that may come to light, additional expert opinions, and to review and change the Association’s stance on this matter, as needed.