Welcome to Shadow Mountain Ranch.  This planned community consists of 847 single family homes, located in the Southwest area of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The community is located approximately 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, near the 215 W. and in the shadow of the Spring Mountains mountain range.

Shadow Mountain Ranch has a unique landscaping palette, with planting and irrigation climatically and culturally appropriate to Southern Nevada. You will find neutral decorative rock and drought resistant plants and trees, such as Ocotillos, Gopher Spurge, Scrub Oak, Indian Blanket Flower and various other plants.

Neighborhood Watch

Please be mindful of your surroundings and take advantage of simple home security tips to help prevent your home from being a target.

Shadow Mountain Ranch Election Results

The Shadow Mountain Ranch Community Association’s election results are in!

The vote tallies were as follows:

  • Chris Langham: 48 votes
  • Michael Pizzi: 51 votes
  • Carole Spicer: 25 votes

Download election results flyer.

March 2017 Newsletter Now Available

For the latest updates, please download the newsletter here.

Volunteers Needed!

The Association is in need of volunteers to help govern, maintain and improve the community. Volunteer opportunities include serving on the Board of Directors, serving on the Architectural Review Committee, which helps maintain the community’s aesthetic standard, and serving on the Social Events Committee. Homeowners can volunteer as little or as much time as they have available! Please contact Level for more information.

Perimeter Walls

In an effort to both improve and preserve the aesthetic of the perimeter of the community, the Association painted all exterior walls in 2016. We are already seeing areas where water from backyard landscaping on the homeowners’ sides of the walls is causing mold and leaching on the exterior side of the wall. Homeowners are responsible to ensure that their irrigation or any other conditions in their backyard are not causing damage to the walls. The Association will be sending out notices to all homes where a condition in the backyard is causing damage to the exterior wall. Homeowners will be asked to correct the condition, usually irrigation related, and to repaint the exterior.

Please do your part to help keep the community looking great and correct irrigation leaks or overwatering and/or waterproof the wall in your backyard, as needed.

Need a Referral?  Have a Recommendation?

Would you like to find a good handyman, painter, or babysitter? Do you know of a reliable and reasonable housecleaner or a person that can do some yard cleanup? Neighbors can help neighbors with this valuable information. Submit your request for a referral and it will be posted on the website. Hopefully, a Shadow Mountain Ranch homeowner will respond by providing a recommendation. If you wish to be proactive and would like to recommend a person/vendor who has provided you a great service, submit your recommendation here. This will be based entirely on homeowner recommendation and does not imply Homeowner Association liability or endorsement. The website will be updated around the 1st and 15th of each month.