About the Shadow Mountain Ranch Community Association

The Shadow Mountain Ranch Community Association is a non-profit corporation that was organized to maintain streetscape landscaping and enforce the covenant, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) recorded on the deeds for every home in the community, and manage the association’s finances. The non-profit corporation is run by a board of five directors who are elected by the community members.

HOA Leadership Team

The Shadow Mountain Ranch Community Association is represented by the following SMR homeowners.

  • Michael Pizzi, President
  • Chris Langham, Vice President
  • Melvin Ross O’Dell, Treasurer
  • Joey Barajas, Secretary
  • Dennis Young, Director


In order to view financial information about Shadow Mountain Ranch Association you must log in with your account at the Level Community Management website.

Management Team

Level Community Management
8966 Spanish Ridge Avenue, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone: (702) 433-0149
FAX (702) 444-2416

Email: help@levelprop.com

Website: http://www.levelprop.com

24-Hour Number: (702) 433-0149

Meeting Minutes

Please contact Level Management to obtain a copy of the Board Meeting minutes.