Adopted Paint Palette Updated

Adopted Paint Palette Updated

The Shadow Mountain Ranch Community Association previously adopted a book of color schemes to be used for the repainting of any home within the community. Per a recent meeting, the Board elected to refresh a few of the schemes and have a new more user-friendly palette book prepared.

As all homeowners should be aware, no exterior changes to the unit may be completed, including repainting (unless it is the original color), without prior approval from the Architectural Committee. When repainting and seeking approval to paint your home a color other than its original color, homeowners must choose from one of the approved paint schemes and must submit an Architectural Review Form to management indicating their color selection.

Most of the color schemes listed on the backside of this page are the same as those adopted in 2013, but a few have been deleted and a few have been added. These color schemes are the ONLY acceptable colors to be used for repainting any home within the community. While the Association worked with Vista Paint to create this palette, homeowners may use any paint supplier of their choosing, provided the colors match those from the schemes provided.

The full paint palette book with color templates is available for review at the office of Level Property Management or the local Vista Paint store. Mention you are with Shadow Mountain Ranch and receive a discount on paint and supplies at the local Vista Paint store. Ask for Account Number 671943. Call Vista Paint for details, 702-655-9500.

Color schemes must be matched in their entirety. Colors may not be combined from different schemes and colors intended for body, garage and pop-outs, and fascia may not be used for any other component than what is designated by the palette.

Per the community’s governing documents, any homeowners who elect to paint their home colors that are not part of this approved palette, may be subject to fines and/or required to repaint at their sole expense.

The updated paint palette was adopted at the January 22, 2015, Board Meeting following notice to the membership and was adopted in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes 116.3102(a) and 116.31065 and will be implemented within 30 days of this mailing. This palette has been adopted and will be enforced in accordance with Article XII Architectural Review, Section 12.7 Painting, of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Shadow Mountain Ranch.

Documents can be viewed on the Architectural Guidelines page.